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Action Figures

Brands we carry: Hasbro, Dragon, Gammy, Playmates, AMT, Mattel.


Vintage Out-of-Production GI JOE, Star Trek, NFL (singing), Aviator Barbie







Warp Factor Series


Capt. Kirk in Environmental Suit (Silver Space Suit)
1 - Cmdr. Chakotay
1 - Lt. Tuvok
2 - Capt. Kathryn Janeway
2 - Lt. Tom Paris
3 - Capt. James Kirk in Casual Attire Uniform
5 - Bele (Frank Gorshin in Black/White)


Lt. Marlena Moreau (Mirror, Mirror Captain's Woman)




G.I. Joe (Action Figures!) Classic Edition

442nd Infantry Nisei Soldier
Army Ranger Attack Cycle
Authentic Foot Locker
Desert Air Defense
Ernie Pyle
General Colin Powell
Jeep Escort Patrol Vehicle
J.F.K.: PT 109 Boat Commander
Lt. Col. Teddy Roosevelt
Navaho Code Talker ("I talk")
Navy Crash Crew
Omaha BeachArmy Infantry
Pearl Harbor Hickam Field Defender
Scouts and Raiders Demolitions Expert
Shuttle Astronaut
Talking G.I. Joe Action Pilot
TOW Missile Launcher
Tuskegee Bomber Pilot
Tuskegee Fighter Pilot
U.S.A.F. Korean Pilot
U.S. Army Minesweeper
U.S. Army Pacific
U.S. Marine Heavy Weapons Series
U.S.M.C. Boot
U.S. Navy Seal with Mine
Vietnam Gunner
Wold War II 37mm Anti-Tank Gun
World War II Pacific Marine


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